From small projects to large programs, our solar experts have the in-house civil, structural, and electrical engineering capabilities needed to execute any project.

A Solar Partner You Can Count On

We understand speed to market and agility are required for a successful solar project. With nationwide experience implementing solar energy sites, we offer developers and owners flexibility and peace of mind. With in-house electrical, structural, and civil engineers, our fully integrated services allow us to work with you on all aspects of your program. Core States has the capacity, systems, and network to facilitate programs of all sizes, from your first pilot program to multi-location adoption.

As a licensed engineering partner across North America, we have the bandwidth and expertise to help companies reach their green goals. Whether you are moving toward a net-zero goal or are meeting the sustainability expectations of today’s consumers, our in-house specialists in renewable power and solar projects provide a seamless design and engineering partner.

Project Types

Core States can provide in-house civil, structural, and electrical engineering services to various types of solar projects.


Rooftop solar mounts optimize valuable real estate and are a preferable option for buildings that meet capacity and directional requirements.

Ground Mounts

Ground mounts provide optimum performance and more flexibility with the option of being secured into the ground or, for minimal ground penetration, ballasted mounts.


Canopies are a great use of space for business with drive-thrus and/or large parking lots, extending shaded areas for employees, visitors, and their cars.

Maximum Delivery

Pairing solar with other energy systems is a trending solution to optimize performance. Our team has the bandwidth and knowledge needed to maximize delivery and reduce the stress of outsourcing each discipline with our fully integrated energy services.

Battery Storage

We combine photovoltaic (PV) with batteries for a solar plus storage solution that yields financial savings by offering peak benefit.

EV Charging

We work with clients to pair solar canopy systems with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to maximize energy and extend shaded areas for your location(s).


Our energy services can be applied to any project in any market and are scalable to meet program needs.

Biola University

Biola University’s state-of-the-art building, the Lim Math and Science Center, in La Mirada, CA, received a 30kW rooftop solar system that boasts distinct features such as an overhang of the solar array, a custom racking system, and the use of bifacial modules. Core States installed a PowerTrack PowerDisplay kiosk in the lobby of the building as an educational tool for the students. This project received Commercial Construction & Renovation’s 2020 Project Profile Award.

Greenskies | Target Solar Program

Stretching across the U.S. from Maine to California, 134 Target retail stores received solar arrays on their roofs. The solar installations produce an aggregate total of approximately 100MW of electric energy. Though the size of the solar array varies at each of the retail locations, the average system consists of 1,700 solar panels and produce between 20 and 30 percent of the total electricity requirements of the retail outlet.

Greenskies | West Boylston Landfill

2MW ground-mounted solar array that required an electrical design with minimal ground penetrations due to a challenging 5-acre site located on a capped landfill in Boylston, MA. It consisted of about 6,000 solar photovoltaic panels.

North Bridge Development

Interested in developing a property in West Warwick, RI with wind turbines, Core States Group prepared a feasibility study and determined ground mount solar to be the best solution. Our electrical and civil designers worked together on a creative solution for the steep-sloped terrain, utilizing heavy grading for the 4MW solar array.

REC Solar | Home Depot Solar and Battery Storage Program

After completing a site surveys and modeling of existing conditions to determine solar arry size and layout, battery storage placement, and equipment locations, a total of 2.8MW of solar arrays and 2.9MW / 5.8MWh of battery storage were delivered to six retail locations throughout Hawaii and California.

Solar FAQ's

What solar services do you provide?

We provide in-house civil, structural, and electrical engineering services to various types of solar projects, including rooftops, ground mounts, and canopies. Our energy services can be applied to any project in any market and are scalable to meet program needs.

How does solar integrate with battery storage and EV charging?

Integrating solar with battery storage allows users to consume power on-demand and offset utility peak demand charges which can be important when pairing with EV charging. Adding a solar canopy to EV charging stations will offset usage charges and provide shaded areas to your site.

Do you provide energy services in any state?

Yes, we are a licensed civil, structural, and electrical engineering firm that operates nationally. Therefore, we understand the permit requirements for various jurisdictions and electric utility providers.

What size projects do you work on?

From pilot programs to multi-location rollouts, Core States Group has the capacity, systems, and network to facilitate programs of all sizes.

How will solar help me reach my net-zero goals?

Solar energy will offset the energy used during operations to aid in achieving your net-zero goals.

How do I maximize my system's output?

Utilize the space your site offers by installing solar in multiple locations (rooftop, canopy, ground mount). Use highly efficient/high-quality solar panels for your project and ensure that your system is not blocked from the sun. Adjust the conversion based on weather temperatures.

How can I extend the life of my solar system?

You can extend the life of your system by keeping it clean, monitoring the performance regularly, and performing routine system inspections.

How do I get started with solar?

Contact Core States Group for an assessment!

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