Electric Vehicle Charging

With nationwide experience delivering infrastructure to hundreds of EV Charging stations, we help leading developers and brands quickly scale their programs focused on Zero Emission Vehicles.

Helping you meet your net-zero goals


The automobile has played a key role in travel since it revolutionized the transportation industry over a century ago. We have adapted to the advancements in vehicle technology but, the rollout of today's electric vehicles require new infrastructure and a lot of it. By staying ahead of the electric vehicle supply equipment curve, you will attract customers and visitors needing to refuel...all while contributing to a greener environment.


Our team understands the intricacies involved with EV Charging adoption and has the expertise to help guide the process for your company. From concept to completion, Core States Energy and our partners can create a plan custom to your brand and sustainability goals.

Not Sure Which Type of EV Charging Station is Right for you?

Confusion in the market can make it challenging to know which type of electric vehicle supply equipment best fits your needs. So, which of the three main EV Charging stations is right for you?

Meet your EV expert

Brian Baird

Brian Baird, PMP, LEED AP

Director of Energy and Sustainability