Jaime Martin Promoted to Director of Operations – Housing

Bernardon, a Division of Core States Group, is pleased to announce the promotion of Jaime Martin to Director of Operations – Housing. In her new capacity, Jaime will build on her previous role with an expanded focus on Core States Group’s Housing market operations. During Jaime’s eight years with the company, she has been instrumental in delivering architectural design expertise in multi-family housing, mixed-use developments, urban infill projects, corporate offices, educational buildings, and community-based institutions. She is passionate about the collaboration that drives innovative design, which leads to the creation of inclusive spaces that elevate environments.


"Jaime's impact goes far beyond growth – she has been a driving force for innovation and a truly exceptional leader. I am eager to see her excel in this new role, shaping the future of the housing market. Jaime embodies our company's Value of Service by prioritizing others, be it colleagues, clients, or communities, ultimately improving everyday life," Michael S. McCloskey, Vice President, Core States Group.


Jaime’s dedication to Core States Group’s Values of Service and Excellence is admirable. Congratulations, Jaime!