Fire Protection: Integrating Safety into Design

Safeguarding structures from the devastation of fire is a foundational element of architecture, engineering, and construction. As a forward-thinking firm that provides in-house mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services, our commitment to create safe, comfortable, and resilient spaces extends to our fire protection team who design systems with data, analytics, and code compliance in mind, while ensuring that they seamlessly integrate with the architectural vision.

Regulatory Insight

Our team is experienced in navigating complex fire codes to design unique systems that comply with both local and national mandates. By involving the Fire Marshal and AHJ early in the design process, we can anticipate their requirements to streamline approval processes. This proactive working relationship influences project timelines, increases speed-to-market, and facilitates a smooth development phase for our clients.

Tailored Design

We engage in open communication with architects and other engineering disciplines to ensure that all components of the fire protection system, such as the incoming fire line, smoke control, and sprinkler piping, do not interfere with other aspects of the overall design. This process involves spending time understanding each project's unique requirements to strategically design systems for compliance, efficiency, safety, and integration. Through these close collaboration methods, we create cohesive systems that complement the design and provide a secure environment for building occupants and property.


Safety Integration

A fire, no matter how small, can have catastrophic consequences if not managed promptly. Understanding the unique fire risks associated with each individual project is the next step toward effective fire protection and our engineers specialize in devising fire suppression systems that are customized for each structure's specifications—whether that means advanced sprinkler systems, clean agent systems for sensitive equipment, or specialized solutions for industrial environments.

Our engineers use cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies to evaluate potential hazards, a proactive approach that helps design systems that not only prevent fires but also minimize their impact should they occur. Our project designs have included high piled storage, standpipe systems, water storage tank sizing, and fire pump selections.

Fire Protection Services

  • Fire Sprinkler and Standpipe Design

  • Fire Pump Selection and Layout

  • Hydraulic Calculations

  • Hydrant Flow Test Analysis

  • Water Storage Tank Sizing

  • High Piled Storage Analysis

  • Compliance/As-Built Site Visits

  • Seismic Bracing Design

In addition, detection systems that alert occupants and emergency services at the first sign of a fire are crucial for life safety procedures. Smoke detectors, heat sensors, and manual alarm stations are integrated into the design to ensure quick and efficient responses.

Fire Alarm Services

  • Design Drawings + Specifications

  • Calculations

  • Shop Drawing Review

  • Construction Administration

  • Commissioning

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