Connect your Brand with Electric Vehicle (EV) Drivers: 3 Tips to Deliver an Exceptional EV Charging Station Experience


Drivers of gas-powered vehicles typically don’t give that much thought to where their next fill-up will come from. Whether they’re traveling long distances across state lines or just down the street to the local grocery store, a gas station will likely be nearby. However, for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, the public charging station experience is different, some would even say it was more complex. With increased competition in the EV charging market space, building a branded environment around a great EV charging experience is more important than ever. EV’s currently represent about 10% percent of passenger vehicle sales in the United States and are projected to grow to more than 60% by 2030[1].


With continued EV growth and new attention comes the prime opportunity to take a critical look at what EV Charging Station (EVCS) owners can improve upon to maximize benefits for EV drivers. A full-service design-build company, Core States Energy has engineered, procured, and constructed (EPC) more than 1,700+ EV charging stalls nationwide and has the in-house capabilities to provide most property owners with experiential design and branding solutions. There is significant room for improvement in the accessibility of EV charging infrastructure, and our team understands the core necessity of that will surpass customer expectations.


Below are 3 tips for consideration when delivering an exceptional EV Charging Station experience that will connect your brand with EV drivers:


1. Put Your Customers First: They’ll Reward You with Their Loyalty

To implement a customer-centric design, it’s important to consider your customers’ needs. This includes providing clear wayfinding and creating a safe and well-lit environment for customers to charge their EVs. Additionally, using eco-friendly materials for traditional signage, Low-VOC products, LED lights, and recycled substrates can help create a sustainable environment that attracts sustainably minded customers. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, you will build a brand based on trust – one that is uniquely yours.

2. Make it Original: Create Distinctive Experiences


The EVCS industry is rapidly evolving, with new technologies and trends constantly emerging. To stay ahead of the curve and create a successful prototype that fits various sites and creates a memorable experience, originality is essential. This can be achieved by providing comfortable rest areas or incorporating educational elements about EVs or the local community. When people see your EVCS, make sure they recognize it as yours  – and want more of what you have to offer.


3. Keep it Scalable: Grow Where Your Customers Go

The EVCS market is projected to grow significantly by 2030; PwC estimates it could grow significantly to satisfy the charging needs of an estimated 27 million EVs on the road by 2030. When selecting an experiential design and branding expert to help build a scalable brand, it’s essential to choose someone who understands the unique needs of the EV charging market. Look for a company with a track record of success in the industry and a deep understanding of technology and infrastructure. It’s also important to choose a partner that can work collaboratively with your team to create adaptable and customizable product lines and experiences. This will allow you to maintain consistency in your branding while meeting customers’ needs in different regions.

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There’s a lot of attention on the electric transportation space right now, and with new funding to support the growing adoption of EVs from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), better access to EVCS will help smooth the adoption pathway. The benefits of more charging stations for existing and future EV customers are evident and should be a key consideration to drive adoption.


As more businesses seek turn-key design-build solutions for electric vehicle infrastructure, branded environments will be essential to creating a positive customer experience.

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