Building Resilience: Critical Power Systems to Safeguard Operations Against Weather Events

The Department of Energy estimates that power outages cost the U.S. economy $150 billion annually. Whether it’s caused by an aging power system, cyber-attack, or weather event a power outage can be more than just a temporary shutdown; it can have a significant impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and even brand reputation.

Critical power systems provide continuous, reliable power in facilities that require uninterrupted operation for safety, emergency response, security, and business continuity purposes. With critical power systems in place, ATMs remain operational, refrigeration systems prevent spoilage and product loss, and gas pumps and EV charging stations continue fueling.

Business Continuity Planning

When businesses remain open amidst a weather event and provide access to essential items for the surrounding communities, they create a sense of security, reliability, and normalcy that is psychologically tied to brand reputation.


Waffle House has a defiant reputation for remaining operational in inclement weather conditions or quickly resuming service post-disaster, which became an unofficial tool in 2011 to measure weather severity and a community's bounce-back capability based on the status of Waffle Houses in the area.


FEMA has used the 'Waffle House Index' to gauge the extent of damage in communities that have been impacted by severe weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. Waffle House business continuity strategy is exemplified in three levels: green for full service, yellow for limited service, and red for complete closure. A 'red' signal can be an indicator of a community in dire need of help.


While some weather is completely unpredictable, there are seasonal weather patterns, such as hurricanes. The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June 1 thru November 30 and NOAA has forecasted an above-average hurricane season in 2024. As hurricane season begins, the question isn't if weather-related power disruptions will occur but when. Investing in a reliable backup power system is both an operational necessity and a strategic move towards resilience and our power systems engineering experts are ready to partner with you to ensure your business remains powered through any storm.

Tailored Solutions for Critical Power

Core States Group’s engineering team is experienced in assessing and designing systems that are robust, reliable, and able to handle the power demands of critical equipment for when the power grid is disrupted or until a major weather event has resolved. This includes standby generators and uninterruptible power supply systems that provide power during transitional periods. This safeguards against power fluctuations, voltage sags and variations, ensuring uninterrupted power to critical equipment.

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Existing Infrastructure Analysis

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, our experts initiate an investigative analysis. This thorough evaluation process analyzes the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of existing infrastructure.

Following the investigative phase, we deliver a comprehensive report filled with actionable insights. Our goal is to not only highlight areas of concern, but to provide a solution-based roadmap that is designed with our client’s operational goals in mind.


Identify Cost-Savings: Pinpoint areas to reduce expenses without compromising on functionality or quality.


Risk Assessment: Identify existing systems susceptibility to power disruptions.


Energy Efficiency: Recommend potential clean technologies to save on operational costs, reduce environmental impact, and take advantage of credits and grants.


Optimize Performance: Evaluate if an existing system is operating at peak efficiency or needs an upgrade or replacement.


Ensure Compliance: Confirm if infrastructure is in line with the latest codes, standards, and regulations.

Energy Audits

Our engineers can also conduct a comprehensive energy audit to analyze facility's energy consumption, identify inefficiencies, and offer targeted recommendations for reducing energy usage and costs. This proactive approach helps secure tax credits and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices.

Design and Integration

Our team stays current with cutting-edge energy technologies, and we have the in-house technical expertise to support the design and integration our clients critical power needs.


We design modern, safe, reliable backup power solutions that extend the life of facilities.

  • MEP, Civil, Structural Engineering
  • Electrical Schematics / Protection and Control (P&C)


Electrical testing, power quality monitoring, and commissioning ensure systems operate as expected.

  • Construction Administration

  • Electrical Testing

  • Power Quality Monitoring

  • Commissioning


Why Choose Core States Group?

Multidisciplinary Expertise: With a broad range of engineering and construction services for distributed generation infrastructure, our team brings a multidisciplinary approach to every project.


Customized Solutions: Every project is unique, and so are our solutions. Recognizing the unique challenges and goals of each project, we tailor our consulting services to provide the most effective, innovative solutions.


Renewables Knowledge: We are a leading design-build firm that provides turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction services for microgrid distributed generation systems such as natural gas generators, fuel cells, and battery storage.


Financial Savvy: Beyond enhancing infrastructure efficiency, we guide client’s in maximizing energy savings and leveraging tax incentives to ensure that upgrades are financially advantageous.

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