Benefits to Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

According to a new analysis by the Rocky Mountain Institute, Electric Vehicle (EV) sales are increasing faster than currently predicted, and it seems that EVs could command two-thirds of global car sales by 2030. This increase creates an even greater need for charging station infrastructure, and many business owners recognize that the benefits to installing chargers outweigh the costs, especially with the current financial incentives from federal and some state governments. There has never been a time more opportune to start planning for EV charging infrastructure, and in this article we will dive into the benefits of saying “yes” to an electrifying future.


What Do EV Drivers Want

Overall, EV drivers seek a combination of convenience, range, affordability, and sustainability in their electric vehicles. Of those specific preferences and expectations, one of their main desires is a reliable charging network that is easy to access.

  • Reliability

    Maintaining an uptime greater than 97% that is detectable through real-time phone applications provides assurance to drivers. Uptime is crucial for fast charging networks as it indicates charger availability and reliability, something that EV drivers consider when choosing where they will charge.

  • Ease of Use

    Offering multiple payment options, including credit card, phone applications, and registered accounts, allows for seamless transactions.

  • Affordability

    Keeping the cost per kWh at a competitive rate encourages customer retention and satisfaction.

  • Fast Charging

    Providing 50 kWh in 15 minutes or less, ensures quick and efficient charging. This can be determined by the type of charger and should be considered with dwell time in mind.

Benefits to Installing EV Charging Stations

Commercial property owners have a unique ability to benefit from the surge in EV drivers:

  • Extended Customer Dwell Time

    Dwell time refers to the amount of time that EV drivers spend at a place of business while their vehicles are being charged. By offering charging facilities, businesses can capitalize on this opportunity to drive sales. Retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, and other service providers can entice EV owners to shop or dine while waiting for their vehicles to charge. This increased dwell time can result in higher sales and revenue for businesses. Furthermore, longer dwell times can also offer opportunities for businesses to find new ways to engage with customers and provide additional services or experiences.

  • Government Incentives and Cost Savings

    Federal and some state governments offer incentives and grants to businesses that install EV charging stations. These incentives can help offset the initial costs of installing charging infrastructure. Additionally, businesses with their own EV fleets can save on fuel costs by transitioning to electric vehicles and installing infrastructure to power their fleets.

  • Attract an Expanding Customer Base

    As the number of EV owners rises, providing EV charging stations can be an effective strategy for businesses to attract new customers. Drivers seek convenient places to charge their vehicles, and businesses that offer reliable charging facilities can become preferred destinations.

  • Positive Brand Image and Corporate Social Responsibility

    By providing EV charging, companies can enhance their brand image and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. This aligns with the expectations of the modern consumer, who seeks to support businesses that prioritize social responsibility.

  • Collaborative Partnerships and Marketing Opportunities

    As the demand for EV charging grows, partnerships between businesses and EV charging providers can foster mutually beneficial relationships. By hosting charging stations, businesses can attract customers who utilize charging apps or services to locate nearby stations. These partnerships leverage marketing opportunities and cross-business collaborations that can drive foot traffic and boost sales.

As a full-service company, Core States Energy has the in-house capabilities to both design and build energy infrastructure across North America. With 2,500+ charging stations already completed, our deep understanding of the intricacies involved in EV charging stations makes us well-equipped to execute projects with precision, and our team is equipped and licensed to facilitate a streamlined approach and speed to market. The services we provide go beyond engineering and construction, extending to utility coordination, program management, prototype development, architecture, due diligence, site assessments, entitlement, land use, procurement, and more.

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