Banks are Pivoting to Offer Greater Flexibility, Mobile Access, and Security with Increased LV/PoE Systems


Customer demand for convenience and the advancement of digital technology is escalating the rate of transformation and adoption of technology in the banking industry. According to Deloitte, “… in today’s increasingly digital world, more and more banks also recognize the need to transform their operations and capabilities with infrastructure investments in key digital innovations. These digital technologies can deliver dramatic improvements in competitiveness, performance, operating efficiency, and cost savings. Equally important, they can also strengthen a bank’s positioning for adverse future events, including economic downturns and digital disruption.”1

Whether it is an in-branch visit, an ATM withdrawal, or accessing accounts with a mobile app or desktop computer, banks are building their technology infrastructure to deliver faster more secure and reliable services through low voltage Power over Ethernet (PoE) to meet consumers wherever they are and however they choose to do their banking.

Designing PoE systems requires thoughtful assessment of where equipment and infrastructure will be located and what needs must be addressed today and in the future. As building systems become smarter, more integrated, and essential to a bank’s ability to conduct business efficiently and with minimal service disruptions, engaging a consultative partner who is thoroughly versed in the design, and installation of PoE infrastructure is essential.

Understanding how demands for services may change and expand in the future requires skilled assessment and space planning to build in infrastructure to support growth. At Core States, our expert LV/PoE engineers can have a major role in designing systems early in a project to ensure the timely delivery of a new build, a complex renovation or adaptive reuse of an existing structure. This expertise applies both to a single project or to the efficient rollout of multiple bank branches in a region or across the country.

Finally, and perhaps most important, is the team’s ability to stay ahead of potential security breaches. Every day adversaries find new ways to access data, steal information and attack bank accounts. Protecting bank data and establishing secure systems is our priority. Core States engineers are current with developments in data security to stay ahead of new ways to breach systems. For example, one way an attack can be launched according to Cyber Security is “a new data exfiltration mechanism, dubbed LANtenna Attack, that leverages Ethernet cables as a ‘transmitting antenna’ to steal sensitive data from air-gapped systems.”3 Our Core States engineers are prepared with defense strategies including, but not limited to cable shielding and physically protected pathways. When designing and installing a LV/PoE system for banking, critical considerations include:

  • Expertise: Engaging professional low-voltage engineers with experience designing PoE systems, for today and the future, early in the building design stages to ensure critical infrastructure is in place from the outset and not treated as an afterthought, which drives up costs and negatively impacts schedule.


  • Designing Effective Security Defenses: Experience designing sensitive networks to protect cabling from malicious attacks or exfiltrating data from cat 6 cables is not negotiable. As adversaries become more aggressive in their tactics, including using devices to inject malicious code or steal data packets transmitting along a data cable without ever having to be on the network, your LV/PoE team must have the expertise to build in defenses against such attacks.


  • Long-Term Value Analysis: Ensure your LV/PoE engineers and installation team can conduct an in-depth analysis of your needs now, and for the future, to ensure equipment specifications and selection are appropriate to deliver functionality and additional applications to support where your business is headed. Your system should accommodate upgrades, additional equipment needs and expanding applications.


  • Experience Supporting New and Emerging Applications: Selecting a partner with proven experience designing and installing systems that keep pace with a rapidly evolving marketplace is critical. As security, automated building systems, and remote banking technology becomes more prevalent, engaging a team with the expertise to implement these systems quickly and to the high standards that achieve accurate functionality is essential.


  • Ability to Scale Up and Grow with You: Speed to market is becoming more intense and knowing your LV/PoE partner is nimble and able to deliver one project or scale up to deliver hundreds of sites in a program rollout, is foundational to delivering quality and supporting business goals and an exceptional customer experience.


Additionally, as society moves toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices, the energy savings that come with PoE systems delivers added benefits. According to data included in an article published by AcuTech, “PoE can deliver up to 97% energy efficiency, which saves money by reducing power loss and overall energy consumption...”2

At Core States, our team is ready to engage with you early to make certain the requirements to achieve your business goals by ensuring your low voltage needs are built into your project or program rollout is seamless and functional when you are ready to open for business.

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