A New Era of Shopping: Right-Sizing the Retail Footprint

  • Retail ‘right-sizing’ and why it’s becoming a common trend
  • Micro-Retail and Micro-Fulfillment Centers (MFC’s)
  • Core States Group provides prototype development and maintenance, new ground up buildings, and remodels and refreshes


The retail brick-and-mortar store isn’t going away, it’s just adapting to a new era of retail. With an increase in e-commerce, shifts in the economy, and different generational shopping behaviors, optimization of the physical presence is key. In some cases, retailers are choosing to ‘right-size’ their physical space by reducing their storefronts entirely while others are focused on reducing their front of house footprint only. These “micro-retail” strategies allow retailers more flexibility to experiment with their brand, maximize efficiencies, and in turn, enhance the customer experience.

Micro-retail offers customers a personalized level of attention with showrooms or experience centers. More focused, creative displays enhance the built environment and ensure the brand’s vision is realized. A curated selection can also help control inventory and security. This is all great news for brands who want to experiment with a new direction or even try out a new market and for customers looking for a more personalized experience.

By reducing the front of house footprint, the remaining square footage can serve as micro-fulfillment centers for online shopping, returns, and even inventory specifically sold only to that market. By having inventory locally available, customers can promptly receive or pickup their purchase quickly and efficiently. In fact, one of our clients, a large-scale electronic store, has installed lockers on the exterior face of the building for customers to pick up their orders, making the purchasing process even more efficient. With localized fulfillment centers, retailers can focus more attention to superior customer service and unique experiences.

Core States Group offers comprehensive and adaptable design and implementation services tailored to accommodate the evolving needs of retailers, developers, and consumers. Our in-house, multidisciplinary teams are experienced at developing prototypes, new builds, and remodels for local, regional, and national brands while providing a streamlined, speed to market process from initial concept through grand opening. 

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