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Our clients love that we can quickly deliver anything they need for multiple sites, for anything that has to do with fuel.

Tim Perrien

Director of Fueling Programs


Tim’s 31 years in fueling includes experience managing large-scale projects for convenience stores, corporate and commercial facilities, refineries and bulk holding tank farms.


With a focus on client communications, managing budgets and developing innovative design solutions, Tim leads our team in exceeding the demanding expectations of some of the largest fueling companies in the world. When he’s not at work, Tim enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and traveling with his wife to food-related destinations (they're foodies!). 


  • What sparked his interest in the fueling market: Love for fast cars and tinkering with them
  • Last vacation:  Road trip to Kansas City for a NASCAR race
  • Last overseas trip: South Korea for a fueling station commissioning project (also his first overseas trip!)


Oklahoma State Institute of Technology | Bachelor of Arts


Petroleum Equipment Institute 

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute