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1 Patricia Rauner
People often think of brand as a two-dimensional thing. I love helping a client see that a brand only truly comes to life in three dimensions when it engages all the senses.


Director of Interior Design


With over 30 years of experience, Trish has completed projects for clients all over the United States and some as far as China, but one thing always remains the same in her design process: She brings her clients’ visions to life in a cost-conscious manner to create memorable, functional spaces.


Starting at a young age Trish had a fascination with how a person moves through and experiences a space. As a child, her mother would find her drawing floor plans and moving things around the house to change the flow to create different types of experiences. Trish believes it’s the efficiency of the space we move through that creates the memory. If the space doesn't have the right flow, colors and tile patterns don't matter. 

  • Favorite place to shop: Container Store
  • Dream vacation: Turkey, Africa, Australia, India, and Japan (in one trip!)
  • Passionate about: Fashion, cultures, and industrial design


Arcadia University | Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design


National Council for Interior Design Qualification