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The distance between your dream and reality is measured by ACTION.

Chris Buscaglia

Director of Construction


As a young athlete, Chris' dream of building sports facilities led him to his degree in Architecture. But after a decade of working for a large architectural firm in New York City, he caught the construction bug after being on-site, watching first-hand as projects came to life. He’s been an ace construction manager ever since.


Having worked on some very high profile projects across the country with prominent developers and architects like Frank Gehry, Chris knows how to build teams and manage large-scale projects. Today with Core States, Chris loves having the ability to use all the knowledge he's gained as an architect and construction manager to influence a project or a team. He still gets excited seeing a project come to life, but he’s even more inspired by the people he works with. 


When he’s not working, Chris devotes his free time to his wife and three children—he enjoys spending a simple day with his two daughters or watching his son play high-school baseball.  


  • Bucket list: Take the whole family to Italy
  • Super power he wishes he had:  To read minds
  • Personal project: Bathroom remodels at home


New York Institute of Technology | Bachelors, Architecture