"A customer-centered approach is key to staying ahead of industry trends and delivering exceptional value to grocery shoppers."

Jeff Lampert

Market Director - Grocery

Jeff brings more than 20 years of experience in the retail design, construction, and project management field, with a particular focus on the grocery industry. He has in-depth involvement in new store design, preconstruction, technology integration (Just Walk Out), and pipeline strategy for procurement - all of which are critical components for a successful program.

His ability to identify emerging trends and contribute to the success of the brands he works with positions Jeff as a market leader in the evolving grocery industry. His passion for testing new grocery concepts stems from the belief that when executed correctly, it can result in more positive customer engagement and provide valuable insights into what truly matters to customers – allowing him to lead dynamic teams that deliver scalable grocery solutions.

Jeff’s success lies in bringing the right teams together at the right time. His insight and experience, coupled with Core States Group’s integrated service delivery, are assets for clients looking to design, develop, and launch sites faster and more efficiently.

Jeff cherishes quality time with his wife and two daughters. They enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. In addition to these family adventures, he also connects with nature and stays active by running trails in the Pacific Northwest during his spare time.


University of Washington | Master of Business Administration

Washington State University | Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies