“If there is a technological solution to an issue that is impacting, then we should take every opportunity to explore them. If it’s not the answer, then we’ve learned more about what can be accomplished when the time is right.”


Director of Technology & Innovation

As Director of Technology & Innovation, Ian is responsible for driving new technology and innovation within our family of companies, as well as leading our efforts in Reality Capture Services. Since joining Core States in 2013, he has pushed us to the forefront of cloud adoption and process efficiency. Working closely with our multi-disciplined teams provides an advantage when identifying areas of improvement and risk in a project’s lifecycle. Applying technology and/or automations to these processes takes out the repeated button pushing and allows the business to innovate and their project teams to be agile with their clients and projects.

As a result of this, Core States Group has become an agile, de-centralized, multi-disciplined business that allows their brands and projects to succeed in a new hybrid work environment. As an example, when the COVID pandemic initially hit in early 2020, the firm was able to easily transition their staff and projects to work remotely with minimal impact to project output and deadlines. Today, our staff efficiently work through this new norm allowing the business to take on new opportunities.

As new technologies develop and grow, his team works to be at the fore-front constantly identifying opportunities to apply them to everyday challenges.

At home, Ian and his family can be found talking about the latest movies, TV shows, playing games, working on his new home, or out on an adventure with his wife and kids.


Forbes Technology Council Committee Member

Business Clubs of America